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app games

The thrill, adrenaline, and entertainment that comes with playing Android-based games is unrivalled. For this reason, many new games pop up each year, with some of higher quality than others. Seemingly, mobile app developers are quite taken with the Android platform – perhaps due to its recent surge in popularity.

Undoubtedly, Google’s play store is a gamer’s paradise, but only a number of available apps there are both free and worth your time. Furthermore, the free stuff usually comes with strings attached. So expect several in-app purchases as you advance further along the free games.

That being said, some of them are definitely still worth a mention, so here are the top five options for Android users:

Asphalt 8: Xtreme

If racing is your thing, then this app will have you hooked in no time. It’s developers, Gameloft, have a solid reputation when it comes to creating racing apps without an upfront price tag. In the app, there is a decent variety of racing tracks, an option for online multiplayer, and several unlock-able cars. Besides racing, there are other side activities and a few in-app purchases, but the overall experience is like no other.

Critical Ops

This game brings special operations to a whole new level. In its virtual urban setting, you can find and kill enemies of the state in the most exciting and action-packed environment available online. As an attempt to bring a twist to the game, the developers added an option to play the villain.

When it comes to graphics, the app looks pretty impressive as it is, but Critical Ops continues to receive regular updates to improve performance and features. Just like most well-designed apps, it comes with an online multiplayer and (of course) in-app purchases.

Clash Royal

Another action-packed game for a younger audience. The graphics on this one are not very impressive but, at least, there is no upfront fee to pay. This game is the best piece that Supercell have ever released to date. You can collect cards, build decks and play opponents online (in the higher levels). Along the way, you get trophies for the wins, but they are taken away after each loss.

Candy Crush Saga

This game might be old, but it still gets a spot on this list. In fact, it was one of the greatest games of all time. Playing it is, somehow, both hard and straightforward – thanks to its elementary levels in the beginning and stringent advanced stages later on. But, don’t let that get in your way; you can reach the top levels in no time if you put some effort in. Besides, millions of users can’t be wrong.

Angry Birds

This game is so popular that they even made a movie about it; and the best part? It’s completely free. The idea is to punish and destroy the evil egg-stealing pigs. And the multi-coloured chickens are the weapons. To play, you have to fire them from a slingshot, and if you’re lucky, you might just topple a whole piggy castle. When starting out, you get 200 birds in your arsenal, but that increases the more you play. The bluebirds split in mid-air for a more widespread effect, while the heavy chickens send structures flying in the sky.