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Top 3 free computer games

Game Features
NEW! The best “Last man standing” game with Minecraft features
One of the worlds biggest esports game – Completely free!
defiance Great modern FPS-game with amazing graphics, for free!

Top 3 app games

Game Features
The best app game there is by Blizzard, for all WoW lovers.
A classic that needs to be found in every mobile device!
Angry Birds
Another classic that never gets boring. A must for your phone!

Top 3 casinos with free spins

Game Features
One of the best online casino sites in Europe.
Amazing casino site with Virtual Reality games.
casino heroes
Great fun adventure casino with hero characters

NOTE! You have to be 18+ to play casino games with real money. You can play the games just for fun without depositing any money. If you chose to play for real money, we advice you to be responsible with your personal economy. Gambling can be very addictive!

Are games really for free?

Yes in fact they are, even casino games. But of course, you can always buy upgrades, expansions, merchandise and much more in game stuff. But if you stay playing the free version, you will not have to pay anything.

The best thing with free games is that they really are for free and that you can get them for any kind of platform or unit, computer, mobile or tablet. The most amazing thing is that there are really good free games as well, and not just simple, ugly and boring games.

How can casino games be free?

You can play casino for free but you can obviously not win anything either. The free version of casino games are mainly meant for you to practise on, before you decide to make a deposit and try to win money.

When you play the free casino games, you will get a huge sum of “fake money” that you can use to make your stakes. You can play slots, bingo, card games, roulette or whatever you want.

Tip: Visit for information about casino payment and transaction services. They also give you information about responsible gambling.