Will vanilla WoW be free to play?

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Most of you WoW fans probably heard that Blizzard will release new servers with the old classic WoW. We will once again experience the biggest era of online gaming like it started in 2004. But the question is; Will WoW Classic be free to play?

As for today, you can already try World of Warcraft for free, but with some limits in the game.

  • You can only get to level 20
  • You may not trade items with other players

Vanilla WoW has the maximum level of 60 and in the current expansion you can level to 110.

The rumors

A lot of people obviously wishes that WoW Classic will be free to play, but it’s more of a wish then a realistic thought. The rumors and the discussions are bombing Battle.net forums and there are loads of ideas about how Blizzard will handle this new server.

Most of the people in the forums seems to agree on that WoW Classic won’t be free to play.

What can we expect?

According to Blizzard, they need to do a lot of work to back up all these years and create classic content like it was, but still keep some of the nice features of the modern WoW.

There will also be a lot of work to keep the daily graphic quality and at the same time change all features of the characters back to how it originally was. This means that Blizzard will have to spend a lot of money to create the classic version and to start up new servers that can host the version.

Therefor, it’s very unlikely that Blizzard will release WoW Classic for free, but there will most likely not be an expansion for it that you will have to buy. In other words, you will probably just have to update your WoW and voila! You have a classic server available in the game, as long as you pay the monthly fee of course.